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Combining the Best of Kickboxing & Martial Arts For The Ultimate In Physical & Mental Training

“It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.” — Chinese Proverb

FitRoots Martial Arts School specialises in teaching our community of students the art of Kickboxing. We can teach you over 40 years’ worth of experience, as our origins are from Dave Lee's Warlords Kickboxing Academy. Come and learn from the best, to be the best yourself.

FitRoots Martial Arts School encompasses the elements of Kickboxing, Boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, and MMA.

We have found that no one Martial Art, is superior to the other, and as it is said; it is you, the practitioner, and what you make of the art which is more important.

While it may seem that our programme combines many aggressive, or ‘hard’ forms of Martial Arts, we focus equally on the internal, or ‘soft’ forms of Martial Arts too. We teach you how to breathe correctly, and take practices from the internal and soft arts, like Qigong, and Tai Chi.

Our classes encompass different age groups, experience and ability, yet everyone comes together to train, and achieve success as a team. The FitRoots community is essential to our success. We are a selective Martial Arts School, and choose professional business men and women who are interested in transforming their bodies, nurturing their mind, and their spirit.

By helping you to adjust your outlook on life, centre your mind, fuel your body in the right way, and teach you ancient Eastern and Western philosophies, we can improve your success at work, and at home.

Classes are one hour long and consist of:

  • Team building activities to encourage communication, focus, and hard work
  • Functional warm-up to ease your body and mind into action
  • Light partner drills, which helps you identify the nuances of your partner’s body and mind movement, and adjust accordingly. You will begin to naturally correct, motivate, and adjust your partner’s performance during these drills. You will also gain increased awareness, and improve your own technique
  • Technical sparring and Self-Defence drills. Different to fighting, we focus on the best techniques for Self-Defence and sparring etiquette, over strength and aggression
  • A focus on the soft/internal arts which include breathing exercises to re-centre yourself after a hard class
  • Discussions centred around a philosophical theme relevant to the session
  • A Q&A session centred around what we learnt in that class, which is open to all aspects of life
  • Assessing your goals, holding you accountable individually, and as a class unit, helping you achieve those goals, whatever it takes
  • You will receive the same resources and guidance in the classes and group scenario, that we are able to give to our 1-1 Personal Training students

​Although classes are an hour long, we do not shut the lights and start locking up when it’s time. We are happy to stay as long as you want, to ensure you leave each class feeling like you have achieved something, had your questions answered, had fun, and feel fulfilled in your training.

Join our elite tribe of Kickboxing Warriors in Slough.

We look forward to welcoming you into our classes as one of our new students!

“The Teacher opens the door but you must walk through it yourself.”
- Chinese Proverb

My name is Aidan Lee, and I coach entrepreneurs and busy men, by transforming their bodies and minds to the best possible versions of themselves. I get them to look good, feel good, and do good; get performance in the bedroom like in the boardroom, and gain unwavering energy so their business can get a huge ROI. FitRoots combines the best of Martial Arts (particularly Kickboxing), Philosophy, Biomechanics, Postural Correction, Breathing, Functional Strength Training, and Flexibility and Mobility to achieve this.

I ensure to pass this experience and insight onto the FitRoots community – As FitRoots’ mission is to Build Modern Warriors, create mavericks, and change makers in the world, through our life changing Body and Mind Transformation programmes, who share our Martial Arts Code, and Way of Living.

Committed to your success,

Aidan Lee,
Owner & Head Coach,

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Success Stories

Adam Trice - Martial Arts Student

Adam Trice

Martial Arts Student

"FitRoots is incredible. It's easy to think you're in a good position until someone helps you realise your potential and FitRoots has done exactly that for me. Physically and mentally, I am in the shape of my life and enjoying life more than ever, and I have FitRoots to thank for that. Through Kickboxing my skills and techniques have improved massively. My strength, speed, timing, reactions, power, coordination, stamina, and balance have all greatly increased, with FitRoots being the source of this success. FitRoots has also helped with advice and opportunities when it came to starting my own business, and for that I am forever thankful. I would recommend FitRoots to anyone, and would fight the case as to why he's the best around."

Shivonne Pamire - Martial Arts Student

Ishe & Shivonne Pamire

Martial Arts Student

"Big shout out to Aidan and FitRoots, for providing the foundation for our son's love for Kickboxing. Aidan is a patient, caring and understanding Sensei, who skilfully nurtured our son's journey in the world of Martial Arts. Thanks also to Sensei Dave Lee for his wise words of encouragement. The environment and team spirit within FitRoots is recommended to anyone passionate about health, fitness and self-defence."

Hassan Haynes - Martial Arts Student

Hassan Haynes

Martial Arts Student

"Aidan is a great Kickboxing coach. I have been training with him for a couple months now and I have made a lot of improvements, due to his attention to detail, as well as him wanting to see you get the best results.

Aidan's knowledge extends wider than Kickboxing such as Strength Training, Nutrition, Philosophy, and Functional Movement; so, if you are looking to make a difference in your health and fitness, make sure to give him a call."

Harry Shaw - Martial Arts Student

Harry Shaw

Martial Arts Student

"What Aidan brings to the table is so much more than just "Personal Training", or “Martial Arts”. The idea behind it being holistic personal training, combining the beneficial qualities of Functional Movement, Martial Arts, Functional Strength and Conditioning Training, and healthy eating to promote a healthy body, and a healthy mind I think is revolutionary. It makes so much more sense to combine the aspects FitRoots focuses on, into one to reap the individual benefits of each aspect in one session. I would highly recommend for any personal development goals you have whether that's losing weight, aesthetics, or even educating yourself on the importance of eating and training smart. Aidan offers so much more than your average gym Personal Trainer or Class Instructor, I guarantee you will feel far better after a session at FitRoots than any gym! Fantastic place!"


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