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“The Teacher opens the door but you must walk through it yourself.”
- Chinese Proverb

My name is Aidan Lee, and I am the Founder of FitRoots. I am extremely happy to be on this journey, and provide you, and the community with the best systems, tools, and guidance to reach your full potential.

I coach entrepreneurs and busy men, by transforming their bodies and minds to the best possible versions of themselves. I get them to look good, feel good, and do good; get performance in the bedroom like in the boardroom, and gain unwavering energy so their business can get a huge ROI. FitRoots combines the best of Martial Arts (particularly Kickboxing), Philosophy, Biomechanics, Postural Correction, Breathing, Functional Strength Training, Nutrition, Psychology, Flexibility, and Mobility to achieve this.

I have always been involved in health and fitness since a young age. My first fascination with this world was my introduction to Martial Arts, which was pretty much as soon as I was born! My Dad – Dave Lee, founded and run the successful Warlords Kickboxing Academy in Slough, back in the 1980s. With this background, I couldn’t help but be involved in Martial Arts since day one. I started training properly when I was 5 years old, and have since amassed over 21 years of experience in the wide world of health and fitness.

I specialised in Kickboxing for many years, and continue to train in the art. Having dedicated much time and effort to it, I managed to achieve my 1st Dan Black Belt at a young age. I have also competed in various Kickboxing and K1 competitions since I was young, as I was always striving for that extra challenge. This not only made me a better competitor, but also a better coach, and mentor to those who I have helped with their goals since.

Since then, I have branched out and learnt a huge amount from other Martial Arts, such as Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA. I now constantly aim to learn as much as possible from whichever discipline I come across. With this broad approach in mind, I begun learning Yoga when I was 16, but have since moved away from the physical aspect of it, but the internal lessons are still effective. I now approach my own training with a balance that caters for mind and body, but also making sure I am a ‘better mover’ in general, and thus making sure quality movement and health are the priorities, over aesthetics or anything else.

I now find myself trying out new things as often as possible. Keeping an open mind with movement, health, and fitness has been vital to my continual improvement.

Not everyone knows this, but studying Philosophy at University, has allowed me to develop another level of understanding, as to how we should approach our movement, health and fitness goals. Making rationale and solid reasoning a priority, this allows me to cut through the sheer amount of misinformation in this industry, and a lot of the FitRoots community appreciates this approach.

I ensure to pass this experience and insight onto the FitRoots community – As FitRoots’ mission is to – To Build Modern Warriors who enhance their lives through continual physical and mental evolution, and then bestow that gift on to the next generation.

Committed to your success,

Aidan Lee,
Owner & Head Coach,

Aidan's Qualifications & Achievements

  • 1st Dan Black Belt, Student and Kickboxing Sensei at Warlords Kickboxing Academy, under Dave Lee
  • 2:1 in BA. Hons. Philosophy at UWE, under Dr. Iain Grant, and Prof. Alison Assiter
  • Student and Kickboxing Sensei at NFM MMA, under Dean Amarasinghe
  • Student of Wing Chun, under Sifu Sam Catlin
  • Student & Yogi at Shashi Yoga, under Kiran Shashi
  • Experienced Kickboxing & K1 Competitor
  • Coaching since 10 years of age
  • Studying in Health & Wellbeing since 5 years of age
  • Body Transformation Coach, at Body Transformation Academy
  • Level 3 Premier Personal Training Qualified
  • Level 1 Precision Nutrition Qualified Coach
  • First Aid Qualified

Success Stories

Rav Kalyan - Personal Training Student

Rav Kaylan

Martial Arts Student

"Aidan's unprecedented approach to Personal Training goes above & beyond the realms of conventional methods. Employing his philosophies and techniques has enabled me to enrich my life physically, mentally, and spiritually through a bespoke programme we have devised together to suit my lifestyle.

His holistic methods dispels common misconceptions surrounding health & fitness, and personally, the programme has been an education for me. The lessons I have learnt will surely pave the way I live my life here on in.

If you are looking for more than a Personal Trainer, for somebody who will impact your life in a POSITIVE way, then Aidan is your man."

Hassan Haynes - Martial Arts Student

Hassan Haynes

Martial Arts Student

"Aidan is a great Kickboxing coach. I have been training with him for a couple months now and I have made a lot of improvements, due to his attention to detail, as well as him wanting to see you get the best results.

Aidan's knowledge extends wider than Kickboxing such as Strength Training, Nutrition, Philosophy, and Functional Movement; so, if you are looking to make a difference in your health and fitness, make sure to give him a call."

Rachida Brocklehurst - Online Coaching Student

Rachida Brocklehurst

Online Coaching Student

"I’ve struggled on and off with my weight for the past few years. As a vegetarian I was all about low-carb and high protein diets, and although I trained 6 times a week and was pretty lean, it was hard to maintain long-term. Fast forward a couple of years and I decided to go vegan, but I found myself eating a lot of bread, stodge, and of course those vegan treats and cheeses. With the start of my business taking off, I decided that exercise wasn’t a priority, which led me to putting on a few extra pounds, and feeling very sorry for myself indeed.

Aidan has helped me in so many ways to reconnect with myself. Instead of hating how I looked, being negative towards my body, and feeling frustrated at not looking how I want to – he’s helped me develop more of an understanding relationship mentally with how I view myself. This has been integral to my fitness journey. Knowing that Aidan was there whenever I needed motivation, guidance or encouragement was invaluable. His planned programme for me fitted well with my lifestyle, and left me feeling mighty and finally enjoying training once again! Plus, I was never hungry!

I think the biggest results I saw were seeing my waist reduce and become more defined, and developing more muscular arms and shoulders – which was fantastic. I also saw a huge increase in my cardio stamina, and felt confident in myself for the first time in a long time. When we first spoke about my goals, Aidan really understood what changes I was after, and was keen to remind me of my goals and what was driving me forward when I was perhaps feeling less motivated.

If you are ready to transform both your body and mind, then I can’t recommend Aidan enough. Not only is he a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness and nutrition, his approach from a holistic standpoint allows him to dig deeper, and get to grips with your mind set, and put you on the path to achieving your goals with purpose, intent and results."


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