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Maximum Results In A Minimal Time-Frame
With 1-1 Personal Training

”Tell me and I will forget, Teach me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn.”
- Ancient Chinese Proverb

If you want to lose weight, tone, define, and build muscle within a 1-1 environment, then our Personal Training Programme will help maximise your results, in a minimal time-frame.

We are proud to be the leading provider of Personal Training in Slough, where we have helped many people just like you transform their bodies and minds alike.

Each programme runs for 12 weeks, and is based on functional strength, postural correction, harnessing the power of your breathing patterns, healthy and tasty nutrition, optimising your sleep, taking control of your stress, and enhancing your mental state by learning philosophy. You can train 1 to 4 times per week within the 12 week cycle, in our fully equipped Personal Training studio.

As the proverb says, “involve me and I will learn”, and at FitRoots, that’s exactly what we do. We actively engage you in the educational process, so that you become aware of how your body and mind works, and how you can become the master of yourself, rather than a slave to your bad habits and desires.

Can you imagine having expert guidance, the right tools, and knowledge to completely transform your body and mind the RIGHT way?

1-1 Personal Training guarantees your success, and provides the results you want and more. You will get:

  • Individually Tailored Functional Strength Training Programme, to exceed your own specific goals and requirements
  • Individually Tailored Nutritional Coaching, to feed your body with the right fuel, so you can perform at your best
  • Martial Arts, and Kickboxing learning, using the best techniques of Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and Wing Chun to provide HIIT (High Intensity Cardio Training), and Self-Defence Training
  • Postural Correction and Mobility Programme to build a healthy, and supple body
  • Philosophy and Mind-Set Training readings and exercises to enhance your mental state, to deal with the daily stresses of life
  • Easy-to-follow recipes, meal plan, and advice on cuisine that you can stick to
  • Access to health and wellbeing resources, that you can learn and read at your convenience
  • 24/7 knowledge, accountability and support to ensure you stay on track throughout your programme

​Plus, you also get a complimentary photo and video shoot of your progress, as a memento of how far you have come.

You will feel like a new you. You will not only get the body you dreamed of, but a new positive mindset and outlook on life.

“The Teacher opens the door but you must walk through it yourself.”
- Chinese Proverb

My name is Aidan Lee, and I coach entrepreneurs and busy men, by transforming their bodies and minds to the best possible versions of themselves. I get them to look good, feel good, and do good; get performance in the bedroom like in the boardroom, and gain unwavering energy so their business can get a huge ROI. FitRoots combines the best of Martial Arts (particularly Kickboxing), Philosophy, Biomechanics, Postural Correction, Breathing, Functional Strength Training, and Flexibility and Mobility to achieve this.

I ensure to pass this experience and insight onto the FitRoots community – As FitRoots’ mission is to Build Modern Warriors, create mavericks, and change makers in the world, through our life changing Body and Mind Transformation programmes, who share our Martial Arts Code, and Way of Living.

Committed to your success,

Aidan Lee,
Owner & Head Coach,

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Success Stories

Jasmeen Holait - Personal Training Student

Jasmeen Holait

Personal Training Student

"Before I started Personal Training sessions with Aidan I was really unfit, hated exercise, and never thought I could make the changes I wanted and needed to.

My experience with FitRoots has been great and I felt supported right from the beginning. Aidan invests the time to understand you and what it is you want to achieve, and he knows how to challenge you in the right ways so you are always working towards being the best version of yourself. He provides all the tools possible, the best equipment, as well as a programme which is individually tailored with guidance at every stage. This, combined with his expert knowledge, professionalism, and genuine care, guarantee you’ll reach your goals and so much more!

As well as losing just over two stones (12.7 kg/28 lbs) so far, I have a completely different way of thinking which I know will have a positive impact on all aspects of my life going forwards. I also feel so much better in myself, and look forward to every Personal Training session and Kickboxing class, which is something I never thought would happen.

I would absolutely recommend FitRoots to anyone looking to make positive changes, not only for a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. You won’t find anyone better and more committed to your success. I can’t thank Aidan enough!"

Andrew French - Personal Training Student

Andrew French

Personal Training Student

"I would highly recommend FitRoots, and Aidan Lee. What you get is so much more than a Personal Trainer or a Martial Arts/Boxing coach. He offers a well thought out, and tailor made package, using a wide range of experience and knowledge.

Somewhere along the line I ignored the work/life balance. With a high-pressure job, it wasn’t long after having personal issues that I found myself stressed, not sleeping, drinking and smoking too much. This led to anxiety and depression. Having moved to London, I had little support structure, and was left with two options 1) to walk away 2) find the balance.

Unsure if I wanted to increase my workload, and to involve myself with further commitments, I had to find someone I trusted, and that related to what I was going through. It doesn’t help when you’re depressed. Also, because of the anxiety, I found myself hyperventilating when I got stressed. This made it almost impossible to exercise.

One thing that I would say about Aidan, is that he is very understanding and able to judge well when to get involved – and when to push you. He does push you, but only when he knows both your mind and body are able. We spent a good few weeks focusing on Meditation, Nutrition, Flexibility and Mobility. After this we built upon the Strength Training and Martial Arts. The guy really does put the time in and care for his customers.

As a result of working with FitRoots for 4 months, I was able to restore my balance, lose 21 pounds (9.5 kg), quit smoking, and set myself up nicely for 2017. Aidan has given me tools I need to hopefully never go back to that dark place. So, I thank him for that. Much love x"

Rav Kalyan - Personal Training Student

Rav Kalyan

Personal Training Student

"Aidan's unprecedented approach to Personal Training goes above & beyond the realms of conventional methods. Employing his philosophies and techniques has enabled me to enrich my life physically, mentally, and spiritually through a bespoke program we have devised together to suit my lifestyle.

His holistic methods dispels common misconceptions surrounding health & fitness, and personally, the programme has been an education for me. The lessons I have learnt will surely pave the way I live my life here on in.

If you are looking for more than a Personal Trainer, for somebody who will impact your life in a POSITIVE way, then Aidan is your man."


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